Web Security Services

Our key web security services are :

  • Prevent SQL Injection Attacks - by performing Vulnerability Assessment and Security Scanning for Databases
  • Detect and Prevent Intrusions in web applications - ModSecurity System.

Website Design and Development

  Locstep Solutions offers professional, affordable website design and development services. We can design—or redesign—every aspect of your site, from aesthetics to complete development. We can also perform a wide range of search engine optimization & internet marketing services that will help you succeed online. We pay careful attention to your target audience along with what type of product or service you sell. Before proceeding with the website design, we listen carefully to your overall goals and use the information to make strategic recommendations. We website serive includes: Some of the features available on the fillable forms are :

  • Team of creative graphics designers available to work onsite with you
  • Web site developers with expertise and experince with latest web technologies and tools
  • SEO expertise to build search engine content readiness as your site is developed
  • Website maintenance

IT Strategic Planning

Our services in this area include:

  • IT Portfolio Management—We help clients balance the supply and demand of information technology (IT) resources, eliminate redundancy, and enable better alignment with strategic goals.
  • Data Sharing and IT Strategy Integration—We help clients integrate strategies for using, managing, and sharing data and information into IT management and governance processes.
  • IT Strategic Planning—We help clients formulate strategic agendas outlining how IT will be used to meet mission needs and stakeholder requirements.
  • IT Strategy and Infrastructure—We help clients overcome the challenges of complexity, cost, and time frame often associated with major infrastructure transformation projects.
  • IT Organization and Governance—We help clients develop and implement comprehensive approaches to IT governance that are tailored to the organization’s specific needs.

Fillable Forms Services

   We offer services to create fillable forms or convert existing forms to fillable forms thereby reducing the time for manual data entry or losses incurred due illeligible handwriting. Some of the features available on the fillable forms are :

  • Ability to print, email and reset form
  • Rules definition for data entry - field formats, mandatory fields etc
  • Perform calculations automatically

Data Migration and Database Maintenance

Lockstep Solutions offers extensible database migration service ensuring reliability and data integrity.Our service professionals ensure the security, availability and reliability of your data by providing proven expertise in the assessment, design and implementation of database infrastructure with

Oracle and Microsoft SQL server and IBM DB2 and MySQL

. We also offers services in:

  • Database Optimization
  • Database Maintenance
  • Database Modelling

Police Department Analytics

We provide staffing for statistical analysis, crime analysts on contract to perm basis and the easy to use crime analysis solution leveraging the data drilldown product from Lockstep Solutions. To read more, please click here.

Custom Application Development

Technology has transformed our society, economy and ushered in new business paradigms. At Lockstep Solutions, we are a team of "core" software architects and innovators decidated to developing the most cost effective and quality solutions that exceed your expectations. We provide seamless solutions by working together with you in every step of the software development process. We design our software to enable our clients to tackle issues at the root by adopting a structured engineering approach. This starts from identifying the appropriate combination of technologies to the proper implementation as per your requirements. -Six Sigma methodology to reduce and eliminate defects in software n-PMI guidelines followed for project execution.Lockstep Solutions has leverage its experience of client-server and web application design and development in implementing sophisticated and responsive web user interface and applications. Some of our key offerings are:

  • Web applications based on .NET platform using c#, ASP.NET, VB, J# etc
  • Development of applications using Flash user interface based on MXML
  • Enterprise Reporting Solutions - Using industry standard reporting tools such as CrystalReports, DrillDown Reports, MS Reports in web applications to generate exhaustive reporting applciations
  • Standlone and web based application development using Java and/or Java web technologies
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