Lockstep Solutions has developed a software solution for "The Capital Improvement Program" process also called as CIP by most Cities and Counties involves getting the inputs from various departments along-with supporting documents and reasoning. This allows the local government to allocate its budget with transparency and rack and stack its needs on tangible and intangible benefits to its citizens and the different departments.

Challenge with non CIP solution is that documents ( such as word or otherwise ) and Spreadsheets ( excel or otherwise ) are difficult to merge, store and revive for submission each year because of changes in required fields, calculations.

The solution developed by Lockstep Solutions enables a paperless, audit-able environment and provides a forum to discuss while automatically

  • Calculating Return on Investment
  • Calculating Net Present Value
  • Allowing project spend spread over multiple years.
  • It also allows for automatic re-run of the request over multiple years and eliminates re-entering the same request for consideration.

The login screen and the credentials can be connected to any Single Sign-on System such as Active Directory. Once the user logs in, he/she can start entering the request for a Capital Improvement project. The list of questions can be customized within hours by Lockstep to your individual needs. Once the data has been entered and the relevant optional documents attached in the next step, the request is routed to the supervisor or department head. The workflow can also be modified based on supervisor logic or individual department needs. Post supervisor approval, the information is sent over to finance department which can choose to involve the respective committees for approval if needed.

Certain roles or individuals would have the ability to modify the information if needed and all changes are recorded and a version history is created. If the request is rejected, the reason for rejection is stored and the request is routed to the appropriate entity such as the sender.

At any stage or moment of time, a person with permission can visually check on the different process steps and the color coded depiction allows for a review of the current step.  Various reports associated with this program have already been developed by Lockstep Solutions and it allows for a well formatted output to review the information during in-person meetings. 

The CIP Software from Lockstep Solutions allows your local government to collaborate on the annual budget process and facilitates easy updates to your community's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) producing a clear direction of the next round of projects to be undertaken and apply procedurely on grant and loan applications at both the state and federal levels.

Using NPV, IRR and other financial formulae, it allows your group to identify deficiencies within your community's water, sewer, stormwater and road infrastructure network, helping demonstrate your community's understanding of critical needs and commitment to funding specific challenges.

Change for the better
    CIP solution makes data entry simple –mandatory and optional fields can be easily configured to allow a customized solution for your department, City or County.
    Web based solution - It is easy to have people in many departments sharing the data entry responsibility
    Links to all project documents are available. Documents access can be controlled for different users
    Use editing software online or on your desktop to modify the information you submit - easy access but flexible to your needs.
    Automatically-generated crystal reports produce a a superior final document for review

The CIP software offers several additional benefits to a community, including the following:

  1. It provides continuity in financial decision-making by linking long-term planning to the programming and budgeting of major projects.
  2. It stabilizes local tax rates by effectively relating expenditures to financial capacity in a given timeframe.
  3. It improves local ability to use state and federal grant-in-aid programs.
  4. It helps communities effectively allocate limited resources across a virtually unlimited number of public service needs.
  5. It improves communication and cooperation between community stakeholders who may have varying vested interests.

CIPs can range in scope and detail from a general overview of community needs to a more detailed analysis of specific project, including proposed timelines and financing mechanisms.

Applications for USDA Rural Development, the State Revolving Loan Funds (Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water) and the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) all benefit from a refined CIP. A solid, well-thought-out CIP might just help catalyze grant funding for your next community project.

This solution for CIP can be hosted in the Lockstep Solutions environment or installed in your IT environment within a couple of days for your immediate use. Please contact us by clicking here or at 4142084967 for further discussions.

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